Lyrics matter.

Have a record with dope verses but need some assistance to come up with a catchy hook? Have a good song fully written but want to fine tune it to make it great? Allow us to work with you to get your music to where it needs to be. Even if the lyrics you have are solid but you could use a fresh perspective on a better way to deliver them.

Feel weird about writing help?

Don’t. Most artists in the industry have a team or reach out to different writers when they need “one”. Chances are the majority of your favorite artists have received writing help at some point or even on most records. Music is collaborative, that includes lyrics. Songwriting collaboration has been the norm for decades across all genres since music started being recorded. 

What does your writing service include?

We would start with a consultation to get a feel for what you’re looking for as far as direction, content and overall sound. This can be set up through video chat, a call or email/text as long as it’s detailed enough. We typically aren’t looking to offer full songs from start to finish, what we are offering is full or partial hooks/choruses and edits or adjustments in existing hooks or verses. After providing lyrics or edits we’ll also provide a rough reference track to help mesh together the vision. We’ll revise if necessary and allow for one re-write. We work across Pop, Hip-Hop, & R&B but also dabble in other genres which is also a plus if you’re looking for some crossover appeal.

What genres do you work with?

We specialize in Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B and many subgenres such as eastcoast rap, westcoast, trap, drill, hip-pop, cloud rap, chillwave, alternative pop, neosoul, etc. Experience in multiple styles is huge especially when you’re in need of a catchy crossover single.

Is this ghostwriting?

Sometimes the check ain’t worth as much as the credit. Ghostwriting isn’t something we’re in to but if the offer is right we may take you up on it. What we prefer is to build relationships through collaboration. For this reason we offer very reasonable rates and combine that with a writing and publishing split. Don’t worry, we don’t aim to take up all of your splits. As artists ourselves we understand that often the splits have to be shared between writers, producers, publishers and labels. We offer a sliding scale so you have he option of what fits you best. The higher the fee, the lower the split. The lower the fee, the higher the split. Just be sure to add our split info as agreed on to your Performing Rights Organization (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SOCAN, etc.) This is a must, no one likes having to get lawyers involved.


Robert Collins Jr., IPI: 583373232, ASCAP
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