Branding is everything

In need of a logo for your business or artist? Look no further. When you commission Raw Creation's design service you get more than a simple logo. What you receive is clean, concise branding that makes you instantly identifiable and sets you apart from the rest. A great logo makes you recognizable to your audience and is often one of the first things they will notice. Your business and art is more than just that, it's your brand. Treat it as such.

What we do for you

We'll develop a logo that will make everyone take your brand as serious as you do. The best logos that have stood the test of time are clean, not over done, unique and cleverly executed. Different colors, 3-dimensional styles, and alternate effects are things you may want over time and for different things. Keep in mind these various styles won't work across all mediums, i.e. print, business cards, stitch, clothing, etc. We'll design a clean, hi-res graphic in both black and white and as both jpg and png files. Png has the ability for transparent backgrounds along with higher detail so when applied it will not have a white or black box around it. We can provide alternate effects upon request.

A few examples of our work